Surprise/quiz mystery object 

Dear Foldscope community, 

Once a while out in the wild; we see something that really blows our mind. It’s even better when it’s at a microscopic scale. 

Here is a question for all of you – try to guess what this is. Just for length scale – this is an object that’s 100um or so. 

Another hint about the location of the objet I found it is given here. 

This is at tide pools in Coal Pit Nature preserve in Santa Barbara. 

I can’t wait to hear your responses. The moment I have 10 guesses; I will announce the winner 🙂 go for it. 



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  1. sponge spicules. LOVE those CA tide pools!! Snowing in Baltimore today, so nice to think of warm and sunny places with cool critters.

  2. laksiyer says:

    Anchor-shaped spicules and plates of a sea cucumber, an echinoderm of the Holothuroidea class (possibly a species like Synapta). These are also called ossicles.

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    @Laks, @Mostlymicrobes; wonderful.. I will reveal the identity once I have a couple of other guesses – with a detailed post of the live animal involved.

    Life; surprises me every time I look 🙂


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