Ode to Spring

Note: Post and videos best viewed while listening to Spring by Antonio Vivaldi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFWQgxXM_b8).



Spring has sprung and brought with it a bouquet of color. I plucked an innocuous white blossom and pink peach blossom from two trees, then viewed the petals under the Foldscope. I discovered that Spring’s most vivid and lush landscapes may in fact lie in the microscopic world, which looks a lot like the macroscopic universe*…

Enjoy these 5 raw videos that pan through the white blossom and pink blossom petals. High (500x) and low (150x) magnification were used. Everything is unedited – Spring’s natural colors shine through! Below the videos are still images. The visuals overall are a little blurry – I rapidly explored and admired the petals rather than examined them minutely.






Pink blossomIMG_0182 IMG_0181 IMG_0172 IMG_0173




White Blossom

Frame-26-03-2017-09-10-54 Frame-26-03-2017-09-01-09 Frame-26-03-2017-08-55-30IMG_0189Frame-26-03-2017-08-54-43 Frame-26-03-2017-08-54-20

It astounds me how when viewed at 500x, a soft white petal looks like glittering silverfish scales or tree bark made of diamonds.

*Interesting observation: Two of my friends, looking at the microscopic views of the petals, separately both said that the images looked like nebulae. One of them brought up the theory of how the universe is a living organism. How beautiful it is that our smallest and biggest conceptions of matter are visually so much the same.

Enjoy Spring, fellow explorers! The time is ripe to delve into nature.

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