Tetrahymena Ciliates

Hello everyone,

A few days ago,in college, we were taught how to prepare a hay infusion broth.Our teachers have used pond water sample as an inoculum here.We were told to observe the organisms under our compound microscopes and obviously that was for a limited time which didn’t suffice my curiosity. I wanted to play around with these ciliates a bit more and try to identify them so I got home some of the sample and examined it under my foldscope to observe these amazing ciliates.


~Have Fun Foldscoping.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Mitali, this is gorgeous. Since you might have stains at your disposal. This is a great time to try some ciliate specific staining procedures. Also try india ink to see if the ciliates take it up. Lots of experiments that are fun to do. Try to culture them by diluting in sterile hay infusion.

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