Gliding Cyanobacteria – duck pond 

Continuing on samples from the duck pond; here is a video of a gliding Cyanobacteria (possibly oscillatoria). Many fascinating things to see here; speciallyvthe slpw gliding motility which has often been a puzzle in science to uncover. What’s more fascinating is that this gliding trajectory is chiral – and the long filamentous cells are also spinning along its long axis. That might not be very clear in this first video; but as a later time – I will post another data set with the spinning clearly visible. 

I am using a “basic” 140x foldscope with a table lamp as a light module. I have some of my foldscope parts to Scott; so I need to make a new light module. But as you can see, using table lamp has several advantages 🙂 – including darkfield. 

Here is another view of these gliding filaments; with more ciliates making an appearance. 

And another view of a stuck filament. 

Finally; here is evidence for rotation. Here the gliding filaments is carrying a dead diatom fossile; allowing us to see all the rotation in full glory.



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  1. laksiyer says:

    This duck pond is fantastic Manu. I am really envious. Only after this I realize that Cyanobacteria have a degree of transparency.. Never seen that before. Wow keep it coming. We have a lot of identifying to do.

  2. mcyert says:

    Manu–these movies are magnificent. I would never have seen the rotation, but it is very clear in your last movie. Very elegant. And I also love how you captured the beautiful ‘dark field’ image. Thanks for inspiring the Bio60 crew!

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