Sand and Algae near Monterey Fishermen’s Wharf


I stumbled upon a cool little beach next to Monterey’s Fishermen’s wharf.  It seemed very protected, and was currently inhabited by a few harbor seal, who were laying on rocks just past the shore.  It was low tide, and there were lots of exposed tide pools to the south side of the beach.


I took a little stroll to see what I could find.  The exposed rocky habitats showed signs of disturbance similar to what I witnessed at Point Lobos, with accessible flat surfaces devoid of life.  However, in the pools I saw anemones, shellfish, crabs, and even a couple of tiny fish.


There was a line of organic debris on the sand and lots of floating bits of algae in the water.  The sand was very fine in the middle of the cove, and more course on the edges.  I decided to sample the fine sand for viewing in the foldscope.  I also took a couple bits of algae for closer examination.

20170505_142819 20170508_203330

20170508_202801 20170508_203135 20170508_202051 20170508_202004 20170508_20193120170508_202835

Bonus picture:  I stumbled across a creepy, just-big-enough-for-a-person-to-fit-in cave.  Nope!


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