Exploring the Monterey Harbor

This is me, washing all organisms out of the filter

Hey Foldscope Community!

My name is Freya and I am an international student at CSUMB, so I got this awesome opportunity to get to work with a foldscope. These pictures originated from samples I collected with my Marine Ecology class in the Monterey Harbor. We were using a 202 micron net to collect microorganisms from the water surface.  Afterwards we were putting the organisms in a jar to further explore which microorganisms we got!

We also got some bigger ones, as you can see on the pictures, but we released them because they were way too big for our foldscope.

bigdudeIMG_1103 (2)

Back at the lab, we started to look at what we got under the foldscope – and we got some pretty interesting organism. We got something looking like a shrimp and some kind of copepodite – that means any of the five stages of a copepod before mature adult.

IMG_1162 cope






Crazy how detailed you can see a microorganism under the foldscope!



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