Fruit fly and me

IMG_20170616_104421346_HDR IMG_20170616_103528790_HDR IMG_20170616_104533840_HDR IMG_20170616_104639772_HDR IMG_20170616_104851235

Finally  I got some slides and a sample that I love so much, the fruit fly. I can almos say we are both looking at each other… and the details in the wing, all the veins and the bristles, this little hairs things, it is amazing.

This is Guilherme Barbosa, a scientist in love with life.

You all have great weekend,

UCSF, San Francisco,

June 16th 2017

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Welcome to our little community @GuilSciLab – what a wonderful selfie. Your post reminded me of a philosophical essay – will post soon.


  2. Kelompok CB : Pancasila says:

    May i join as a volunteer in your community?

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