More ticks.. 

After my last find of a beautiful tick on a beach (an unusual place I had thought); I have been spotting ticks almost everywhere. 

My last post about ticks is here: 

How ticks come for a ride? 

This time, I was enjoying a lazy afternoon with my kids in my own grass backyard (Glenn Canyon, SF); and decided to look down in the grass. And very quickly, I found a very small insect running around. I was excited and picked it up by hand; and let it crawl on me for a few minutes – but soon moved it to a glass slide before it made any tries to bite me. 

Here is a “live” video of what I saw. Very similar to my old post; I again saw specialized tarsal structures at the leg – possible specialization to attach to mammals over long periods of time. 

If anyone can help identify and put a definite “microscopic” key to identifying ticks – that would be very handy. So far, everything I found was very “macroscopic”. With this level of detail from the foldscope – I know we can do better. 

Here are a few pictures: 

Keep your eyes open and always look for ticks during peak season. If you happen to know any websites where “tick” sightings are recorded and mapped; I would love to see that. 

Keep exploring. 


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  1. Enjoying your tick posts, Manu. One tick reporting/citizen science group I know of is testing ticks (both that have been feeding and those found out in the environment) for Lyme disease. Will be great to see how that citizen science project maps out different tick-vectored diseases across the U.S.!

  2. laksiyer says:

    @Manu. It looks like a larval stage tick, when they are really active trying to find a host, so check the kids every time you play in your garden. Do you have pets, rabbits, or small mammals in your garden.?

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