Hoja-ma-care: A Diagnosis of a Sick Leaf, Part 1


Hello Foldscope community! I always find fascinating discoveries through the Foldscope, and it seems like it is something new every time. However, I wanted to put a new challenge to myself and bore down further into a single research question, to push the limits of how far I can go with Foldscope and other DIY/frugal science methods.

There will be two other components to this project:

  1. Local focus: I am beginning with a diseased leaf I found in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA, just a mile or two from my apartment near the university. I’m interested in taking on a project close to my community, but literally outside the bubble of the university.
  2. Edited video format, to consolidate photos, videos, and commentary into a streamlined, digestible, somewhat fun and whimsical unit.

Enjoy the first installment here:


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Really interesting @MaxCoyle. Wonder if it is some kind of aphid,. If you film the underside, you will get a feel for the mouthparts. If you see sucking mouthparts, they are likely to be aphids. Also you might want to try clearing them and making a few permanent slides. I like using GALA60 or Lactoglycerol for clearning them.. Look at Pantin’s density gradient. These are fun to play with.

    Also, dont forget to try Timelapse for aphid development.


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