Tide pooling at Bandra rocks; Mumbai – a fine early morning

I am in Mumbai for next couple of days to run foldscope workshops. I will write a longer post about the agenda and the plan; but want to share a wonderful Mumbai experience with everyone.

It’s all recorded in few minute Facebook Live videos (I am testing that platform to document Foldscoping in the field)..

I started with tide pools at Lands End, Bandra. The sky was clear and the tides were extremely low.

I was interrupted here by a local fisherman who thought it was too dangerous to be standing on the rocks. We had a nice chat where he told me he gets cut by the local mussels everywhere – and I continued Foldscoping.

And suddenly – I noticed the clouds started turning dark; and out of nowhere – it started pouring rains.

I had to run; although I did image a nice anemone larvae (so it looks – see second video) and some beautiful diatoms.



Ps: please comment if you like watching these live videos. I am trying to see if we can use these Facebook tools for science – and again, I am an amateur at making live videos 🙂

Ps2: this is what the tan actually looked like in 5 min. I was drenched.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Manu. Fantastic. The Indian monsoon ecology is nothing short of amazing. There is life in every nook and corner at this time. Even the walls and the algae in the walls are filled with different life forms. Hope you have a wonderful time in the city that never sleeps.

  2. Janice says:

    Hi Manu,

    An amazing, invigorating sight! I detected at least three different groups of diatoms–cymbelloid, naviculoid and gyrosigmoid. I found this paper on Mumbai diatoms that might be of interest:

    The pictures in the publication are not very good, but many diatom taxa are to be found around Mumbai!


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