“Muskaan” (smile) of incredible kids in Dharavi basti (Mumbai)

We run and document Foldscope workshops around the world. It’s our work and our passion. And in this process, we meet incredibly kids that amaze us, remind us of why we love science so much and allow us to see a reflection of our future to come.

Some members of Foldscope Team (Jim Cybulski and Manu Prakash) with a few DBT members (Vijay, Shaila, Madan and others) are in Mumbai for a couple of days (working with Deepak Modi, Rohit (IITB) and volunteers; spending time with kids, teachers – running workshops and exploring microcosmos of this wonderful (rainy) place – a little planet in itself.

Sometimes we have interactions that truly tops it all – and that happened to us yesterday twice; once at BMC Urdu school and again at @DharaviDiaries (of you don’t know about this incredible organization – you MUST learn more about them).

Passion and love these kids have for science is immeasurable. We had around 50 kids, teachers, IITB, Rhuia college and IRR volunteers – all working together on footsteps of Dharavi imagining a better future. We will write a detailed synopsis of lessons we learned – but we wanted to make a quick post – and toss a challenge (for a Dharavi kids).

And a big big thanks to Navneet and his entire team at @DharaviDiary. We have never met an individual who understands needs of a growing mind of a child; and builds a perfect nurturing environment. Hats off to you Navneet Sir (and your army of volunteers).

Challenge for workshop students: Let’s see who makes the first Foldscope post on the website – with your new Foldscope. Let’s go!!


Manu and Jim

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic @Manu. Lots of familiar faces. Best to the Kadam siblings and the people at Dharavi Diary. I heard there was a deluge, perhaps some foldscoping opportunity there too?

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