Tabernaemontana divaricata Foldscope view

Foldscope view of Tabernaemontana divaricata flower which was commonly known as Nandivardham in South India. I used the single petal of  Nandivardanam flower, I focoused it biy I have not seen anything in Flodscope in my first trail . In my second trail I got Amazing things in it. I have learnt a lesson through this experiment –  “Until you satisfy don’t leave anything Simply, Keep try. ”
Here are the foldscope pictures of it.


IMG_20170829_160401 IMG_20170829_154856 IMG_20170829_154839

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear CHAYa,

    What an incredible lesson – and beautiful images. It’s such a simple lesson; but so valuable for all of us.

    Also; could you post the macroscopic picture of this flower or plant.

    I hope you were able to go back safely – inspire of the floods.


    1. Chaya_Agastya says:

      Dear Manu Sir,
      Thank you for wonderful workshop you have conducted at DBT. I still stucked in Mumbail our trains got cancelled. Tomarrow hopefull we are living Mumbai.
      I will post the macroscopic picture of Nandhivardanam flower and plant.


  2. laksiyer says:

    Chaya, the pictures are exquisite. Really nice.

  3. Chaya_Agastya says:

    Thank you Laks.
    Once again thank you so much for giving the chance to participate in Workshop at DBT. We had a wonderul time with Manu & Jim.

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