My First Experience

Today I had an opportunity to explore the Foldscope at IIT Mumbai. What we saw was amazing. I transparent worm from the water sample which was collected from the campus. The gut was clearly visible with the feed inside. Also, after coming home i announced that i have brought a microscope at home. All were surprised and at the same time curious. I took a drop of medu vada batter which was at home, mixed with water and added a tiny drop of blue water color to it. Add a drop from here on the glass slide and allowed it to dry. When still moist, i put a cello tape around it and mounted on the Foldscope. Beautiful oval shaped yeast cells were observed. I showed it to six children around. They all were very excited since for the first time  they saw something under the microscope. I told them that these were the organisms responsible for making the medu vada soft and fluffy. They were all thrilled and all suggestions came up like let us see some fly or insect or catch a cockroach and observe. Amazing world seem through FOLDSCOPE. CHEERS Manu and Jim you have made a difference

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Welcome to microcosmos. Please share pics and videos.

  2. Sreyansee Rath says:

    Hey! I was there too. And the worm was indeed amazing! Thanks for sharing the idea of medu vada batter. Since yesterday I am searching for more and more things to look under my foldscope.
    Keep sharing!

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Farhaan,

    What a wonderful documentation of an experience. I ate a lot of vedu vada’s on this trip – but did not think about this.

    Heartiest welcome to foldscope community. Here you will find friends from around the world, curious about our surroundings and willing to help.

    Please share some pictures/videos or even kids using the instrument. The international audience might not know what a wonderful dish “vedu vada” is.

    Thanks again for spending time with us. You all inspire us.


    1. Farhaan Makba says:

      How do I upload the pictures of cells seen under foldscope for this post?

      1. Farhaan Makba says:

        I had uploaded some photos yesterday but I don’t know where they have gone. Where can I check them.

  4. laksiyer says:

    After you login, go to your dashboard, which is under the house-icon to the left of the screen. There you can look at your old posts (re-edit them if you want) and media. You pictures are likely in the media icon.
    In order for you to add media to your post, go to the same place and click Posts –> All Posts and go to the post you want to edit. As you mouse over it, you will get different icons and one of them will be edit.
    Click edit.

    Now you are re-editing your post, Click on Add media and you will get to all media that you uploaded. Click on it and when you do so, note that there is a window to the right that says ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS. Dont foget to Link to Media (this will make your picture zoomable). click insert into post. This is the simplest way to do it.

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