Moss observations with a foldscope

It was my first experience of making a foldscope and seeing somethings using the foldscope, at a workshop at IITB on 29th August. Myself alongwith Arunan, Nagarjuna, Rafikh (CUBE Lab, @HBCSE, TIFR) participated in the workshop.

With quite a bit of maneuvering and dexterity, we managed to observe something that excited us watching through the foldscope. I must confess that the artwork and origami of folding the foldscope seemed like a mundane task, but when  I saw the sample through it and then it was the aha moment. We collected some moss from the campus and prepared a sample using the glass slide, and instead of cover slip, we directly applied the sticky tape (cover slip) on it. A volunteer from the DharaviDiary was really helping us patiently.

Well! now that I own a foldscope for myself, I will venture into the ‘micron’ world, and I would be excited to see a live and moving thing with the foldscope!





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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Meena,

    A warm welcome to the foldscope community. It’s wonderful to get to know about CUBE and everything you all are engaged in. It was a heart warming moment to see everyone work together. The foldscope community in India grows stronger.

    I would love to plan a phone/skype call when the dust settles a little bit – in order for holding more online training for CUBE students. Please work with Dharavi students – some of them already are old users of foldscope. Also, see Mitahili from Ruia college (who was present and volunteer at the workshop) and her post about Tetrahymena a few minutes ago. She could come visit you and also do more training on wet slides. So much foldscope community already exists in Mumbai; you should take full advantage.


    1. meena74 says:

      Thanks Manu for your response.

      Yes indeed, CUBE & Foldscope can collaborate and excite citizens!

      We are planning to meet the Dharavi Diary people and also the Ruia college students.

      And yes we shall have a video call and interact more.

      Looking forward to…


  2. Eden Educational Resource Centre says:

    அற்புதமான பதிவு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

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