Mosquito’s body through foldscope 2.0


Hi this is Varun from chennai, India I’m  14years old and I’m studying in the 10th grade, this is the mosquito’s body through the foldscope v2.0. In another mosquito I saw a blue line kind of thing I thought it is blood and may I know what are those black spots, if anyone knows what it is please help and also this is my first foldscope upload.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Hi @Varun. The mosquito body and for that matter any insect body is often pigmented, so those volors are pigmented cells in the mosquito. Now this mosquito looked really very interesting– Do you still have the slide? If you do, reimage the head and carefully image the mouthparts, or at least the antennae, the proboscis and palps. I thought the antenna was really very unusual and looked like a leg (perhaps the leg was smashed under the head). It could also be the long maxillary palp, which is characteristic of the Anopheles mosquito. Also dont forget to image the wings of the mosquito. With these features, one can easily identify the species of the mosquito. You have really learnt to image well on your first take.. Keep exploring the microbial life in chennai.. there is plenty..

  2. Great capture! It would be great if you could also image the head.

  3. Varun Srivathsan says:

    Thanks to both of u @LAKSIYER and @JAVIERCANTEROS.
    @LAKSIYER thanks for the answer I thought it was blood initially and now I know those r cells and next time I will take the images of all the parts seperately and also yes, I still have the slide.


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