After rains insects

Hello! This observation is of last year..but as similar insects are started to arrive at home again so couldn’t stop from being posted.

This is how they attack my home in bulk.IMG_20160918_000409_HDRAnd now under foldscope:IMG_20160917_235337IMG_20160917_235552_HDRIMG_20160918_000308_HDRIMG_20160917_235710_HDRIMG_20160917_235759_HDRIMG_20160917_235834_HDR

Trying not to kill them by closing the windows and shooing away by switching off the lights. They become a real mess sometimes though.

Happy Foldscoping~

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  1. I can’t even tell what order they belong to… Sometimes, leafhoppers tend to come inside when it rains, but I’m not sure the ones you have are hemiptera. Can you try to get more pics?

    1. Sawant Maithili says:

      Hi! Would definitely try to get more pics this time and post as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂 One thing I noticed about these tiny insects is that they get attracted to light and bite quite often making the portion itch a lot but not leaving any swelling etc.

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