Testing my new foldscope!


Hello Everyone,

So just day before yesterday I received my new Foldscope kit! 😀 and I couldn’t wait to make a bunch of posts. This was my first observation with my new Foldscope. It’s the permanent slide that came with the kit

IMG-20170830-WA0031  IMG-20170830-WA0029  IMG-20170830-WA0027  IMG-20170830-WA0033

I collected a Riccia sample from IIT Bombay during the workshop and it had tons of ciliates. I tried experimenting with the light module. Used it without a diffuser, with the diffuser from the kit and then finally used scotch tape as a diffuser. Scotch tape gave the best results. I’m going to try flower petals next time.

Here’s a vorticella I captured just now, cant wait to share more ciliates!

fun fact: Voritcella was one of my first obervations with the old foldscope as well 😀

you can check it out here- https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=19008

~Have Fun Foldscoping.

Mitali Patil

Second Year Undergraduate

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College


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  1. Arunan says:

    This vorticella video is great! What do you think is the magnification achieved Mitali?

  2. Mitali says:

    Gald you liked it sir! I’m guessing it is about 280 – 400x

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Mitali,

    What a wonderful wonderful post. The clarity and the behavior is absolutely amazing. You are a pro Mitali; reaching close to foldscope super user status. I would love to see posts regularly from you – so we can start moving from observations to experiments.

    The usual foldscope lens magnification in the new kit is 140x. And with digital zoom; it’s probably around 300x.

    I am just so amazed with this video – absolutely amazing. As a side note; our lab released a image processing program called “flow-trace” (written by my graduate student William Gilpin) that allows you to visualize hydrodynamic flow fields. You could try processing this video with the same and post your results.



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