Hello everyone! It was a great experience at the foldscope workshop and quite great to get to know about such a device. I call it as ATM (Any-Time Microscope).

The specimen observed is that of mosquito larva (probably Aedes) that I picked up from plant pots at home and placed in a cavity slide. The wriggler’s circulatory system can be seen clearly, the heart is beating at a range 130-150 beats per minute.
Peristaltic movement of substances also visible at some parts of video.

Another thing is that the larva attaches itself to the air bubble present via the breathing tube at its posterior end, just like it would near the water surface.

Quite interesting how the larva and adult look different!



Ronak Hati,

First Year Undergraduate Student, Microbiology

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College

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