Staying healthy is important

Health has been on my mind a lot recently. Self-care, in particular.

What do I really need to be and stay healthy? I thought about this as I was lying pretty much in bed all day last week as I was sick with infections.

Obviously, I need air to breathe. I need clean water to drink to stay hydrated. I need nutritious and balanced meals that give me strength to feel better. Sleep is very important, too.

I’m also lucky I have a safe and comfortable place I can call home and rest easy. And I’ve been thankful of my caring friends and family who come over to cheer me up and bring me soup.

Taking time to rest made me think a lot about the support system I have access to. I never take this for granted. But perhaps, I had been taking my health for granted. And the bout of infection was perhaps my body’s way of telling me to take it easy… To tell you the truth, it’s so hard to stay put when I want to get out there with my Foldscope! 🙂 But I resisted my urge, and I listened to my body and took better care of myself.

Now that I’m feeling better and stronger, I’d like to resume my Foldscoping journey with this theme in mind: air, water, food, sleep, home, and sharing time with friends and family. All important parts of living a healthy life!

Here’s a sneak peak of my air quality exploration…stay tuned!

20170901 Air now20170901 Air now


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