Bee sting in the hand

In Copenhagen, I got a chance to go to dinner at Dr Dino Ott’s – a physicist trained at Niels Bohr Institute, an old visiting student and a dear friend. His wife Ana and son joined dinner. Dino visited the lab several years ago when we were building/designing foldscope; and engaged in many parts of the design and development. So, it was really fun to see him in Copenhagen – and specially see his little foldscope lab upstairs in the attic.

He realized he happens to have been stung by a bee a couple of days ago – and the stinger my still be in his hand. So began a little exploration of we could actually watch the stinger – and maybe immune cells that might accumulate around a simple wound. So he pulled a tweezer – took a little piece of the skin and we foldscoped it. The results are below.

Dino and Ana: Thanks for hosting me and Chew – it was an incredible trip and meeting both of you and the little one – all together meant the world to me.

Keep exploring.



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