A diversity of protozoa…

The amazing new foldscope!!!
The amazing new foldscope!!!

Hello foldscopers!!! It’s so good to be back & this time with a really different approach & the new foldscope model! The IIT B workshop was so wonderful that the eagerness to view & post something new had increased in me.

So here’s a small sample that I had scraped from the walls of a boundary in the IIT campus itself.IMAG0071[1]

Hydrated the sample
Hydrated the sample

And I had a complete WOWWW moment when I observed it. There was such a diversity like from rotifers,nematodes to diatoms & vorticella there were so many of them.

In the above video I can clearly see a rotifer n several other diatoms n protozoa. I would like to have some help in identifying the rotifer n the beating organ that it has from you all.

Above is a dark field view of the same.

After panning across I came across this single vorticella species & there’s an interesting interaction between some kind of nematode ( I have no idea what that protozoan is ) & the vorticella. Please share your views about it.

Above is a dark field view of the same.

P.S. : Ignore my voice somewhere in the videos.

Feel free to share your views about the above observation and also add to it.

And lastly, Happy Foldscoping!


Nishtha Mahadev Pange ( An undergraduate at Ramnarain Ruia College)

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic @Nishtha.. I am now truly envious that all the post-worskshop pics and videos are fabulous. Congratulations!! If you can recycle the material in a dish or keep it moist/web in a chamber and keep watching the succession of life. The vorticella is interacting with a bdelloid rotifer.. If it is significant, you will see it on more than one occasion. Keep your eyes open for one thing consuming another!!

    1. Thank you so much Sir for your praises and I will definitely try to culture or at least maintain the sample for further observations.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Nishtha

    What an incredible post. I am just jumping up and down; you have indeed made a remarkable post – with novel observations I have never seen before. A lot of students were walking around in the rains collecting samples – and you picked something that was right in front of everyone yes – but nobody paid attention.

    what a remarkable post. You should really try to culture and continue observing this sample.

    Your imaging technique is fantastic!! Please train other foldscopers- specially the group from Dharavi. You are close by; and they would learn a lot from you.


    1. I am very humbled to recieve such encouraging comments from You Manu Sir.
      Would definitely try to culture this sample & as Mitali is in contact with one of the members from Dharavi Diary we all would be happy to train them better even though I think there’s still lot to improve & explore from this tool!

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