I was enjoying the weather outside today, and so were skinny mosquitoes that kept trying to feast on my blood. I managed to stop one and place it on a slide.

Update- Based on a helpful comment, I went back to the slide and took more pictures. The mosquito isn’t fresh anymore, but perhaps the pictures will help identify it. 


20170904_152617 20170904_152624 20170904_152738 20170904_152748 20170904_152858 20170904_152925 20170904_152934 20170904_153003 20170904_153024 20170904_153137 20170904_153149 20170904_153224 20170904_153235 20170904_153250 20170904_153358 20170904_153655 20170904_153827

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Next time get a picture of its head, its mouth parts, antennae and also its wings. These will help us recognize the mosquito species.

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