Glycyphagus in the house

This is my first post at microcosmos. I happen to attend the workshop for teachers by Dr Manu at IIT mumbai and was overwhelmed by this scientific tool. After reaching home I demonstrated the arrangement and use of foldscope to our students and they were  amazed . They were eager to make their own slides and view it by themselves. They soon will become expert users.
I then used it to learn the living systems in our household. The white specs on the kitchen cabinet intrigued me. So I took the sample with a tape and observed it on the foldscope, to my horror it turned out to be a mite. On the foldscope was a furniture/storage mite which belonged to the genus Glycyphagus.

White specks on the cabinet
White specks on the cabinet
Storage mite


I then put an antifungal powder on it. The only thing that I could get hold on to,  and it seemed to work for the time being. I then began browsing for informations about these mites  and they seem to be persistent. I still am looking for other better control measures.

Places like ours dont have pest management systems. Even though we are recently introduced to foldscope, it  sure is making an impact in this part of our world.
Govt KM Higher Secondary School
Aizawl, Mizoram.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Miriam,

    It’s so wonderful to see the post – it has the sense of curiosity and a wonderful finding. It’s amazing what’s lurking in our homes and back yards. I think this is the first post from Mizoram; so I am very proud.


  2. Miriamkimi says:

    Thank you sir, foldscope for sure is an important tool for igniting the young minds as well as our ignorant minds. More power to foldscope 🙋

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