Help me identify these protozoa!

Hello Everyone,

I have found these 2 ciliates in the seawater sample from Prabhadevi beach.Please help me identify these 🙂

I have also tried fitting the high mag lens of the old foldscope to the new one and here are a few videos I captured!

It was pretty tough focusing with the high mag lens initially but after removing the wedge it worked pretty well~

Have Fun Foldscoping 😀

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful post mithali. Fantastic idea about the high mag lens.

    Looking more at it; it does look like a marine Euplote. They have an incredible function that they can “walk” with cilia. Isn’t that crazy – absolutely marvelous data. I a, also seeing that somehow when you upload your data; the quality is lower. Try using HD in YouTube setting when you upload the data; since the WhatsApp data set looks much sharper.


    1. GujuRocks says:

      Here is my version of it

  2. Great videos!

    How did you managed to inset the high mag lens in the new Foldscope?

  3. Mitali says:

    @Manu Sir thankyou for the comments. I do upload the videos in HD. As opposed to your phone If you’re on a pc or laptop you will get an option to change the quality at which you’re watching the video. It should appear sharper than the whatsapp data at 720p ! Will anyways try vimeo next time.
    @Javiercanteros- thank-you! Will do a separate post on it asap!

  4. laksiyer says:

    @Mitali. Fantastic work as always. Love the high power. Looks like a Euplotes for sure. Ciliate staining is quite a challenge, but given that you have access to lab resources, you could try it out. Do you have Janus Green in the lab? Would be fun to see how the mitochondria look in these protists.

  5. GujuRocks says:

    Hey mitali
    I have also collected samples from prabhakar device beach but theyou actually had many organisms
    There were colonies of bacteria and ciliates
    You can watch my video on YouTube

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