My new Foldscope

Hello all,

I got my new Foldscope a couple of days ago and I find it wonderful.

Taking pictures is much easier in my opinion but on the other hand I get problems when panning.

The magnets press too much the slider especially when using then cardboard ones.

In addition it get often blocked by the hole’s sides.

I find panning was easier with the pilot model.

I followed the video assembly instructions and I think it is well mounted.

Any suggestions?

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  1. pstinson71 says:

    I bought some clear plastic slides, which I sometimes use by themselves, but also like to use as a backer to the the cardboard slides (its a bit thick, but then I am not trying to line up 3 of the paper slides to get the ideal thickness. if only using a single paper slide, I can see why there would be more issues when panning. Sometimes I lift the magnet off, pan a bit, then reseat it.

    I have heard of some people making the hole bigger. I would like to hear the pros and cons of this (might let in to much light in some conditions? I wonder if one could make the hole bigger, and then cover/partially cover the hole as needed (like an adjustable diaphragm). Probably easier to adjust one’s location and angle tothe light source…

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