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This post is about the a species of Schlumergera.

The specimen is a flower petal from a Christmas Cactus, or so people have named this plant. I do not fully know if it is from the Truncata group or Buckleyi group.

The sample was picked by me on the plant. The flower petal was picked for the least amount of imperfections and thinnest.

This was the petal that was chosen and plucked from the flower.

The sample was not rinsed nor cleaned in any way. It was not cut. The thin section was naturally rolled up.

When I saw the view, I was surprised. I was expecting more cell structured view than this, (which looks like someone dyed Jupiter pink).

This was taken before my first post, which I remembered now why they look like that. I forgot to make it a single celled thick, but it still does not show cells. Perhaps flower petals have a different structure than leaves.

But it does look great on its own.

The lens used is high mag.

Camera used is from the default Samsung Galaxy S4 camera app.

Focusing is quite difficult when using the phone setup given in the instruction. Best to use the “Best Picture Mode” in the app and manually focus while the pictures are being taken.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful images. It might help to use digital magnification to see all the details online.

    Fantastic sample preps. Can you describe how you made the samples.


    1. pakarr says:

      Thank you for the comment. I take note of your recommendation and will add the description to the post.

  2. Niramay Gogate says:

    That was great. Can you just show me its video ? I think it will be even more exciting

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