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Got my Foldscope a couple of days ago and today was the big day for assembly and exploration, or so I thought…

Because either the instructions are bad or there’s something wrong with the construction of my foldscope. Because I can’t get the slides to fit where I think they should go. The slots at the sample stage are 25 mm, the microscope slide samples in glass are 25 mm wide and can barely fit. The paper standard slide are 28 mm and they can not fit into the slots at the sample stage at all. Should I just make the slots wider with a knife? Or have I misunderstood where the sample slides are going to be?

It would be so much easier if there were instructional videos available actually corresponding to the foldscopes now being produced, all instructions I can find are for the old version:(

I really want to love foldscope because I think the idea is great, but right now I’m mostly angry.




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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Daniel. Be patient and check the instructions again. The instruction videos are here.

    Inserting the slide is like wearing a shoe, the first time it is tight but with use it gets really smooth. Look at the videos to see how the slide is inserted, especially the orientation.
    The effort will be worth it and please no knife on the foldscope, reserve it for the sample 🙂

  2. Carolyn Carlson says:

    From experience I can say that using a blade to enlarge the slits is a very BAD idea. Standard glass slides ( I used some prepared slides from a classroom set) WILL fit in the slots, but as I told my students, you have to “work” the slide into the slot at first, kind of like putting on jeans right out of the dryer. My fifth grade students were patient with the process and in the end we all agreed that it got much easier and the paper around the slots seemed to stretch a little. And THEN the fun begins!

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