What are these specks on my hot pepper plant leaves?

A colleague noticed whitish specks on the leaves of a pepper plant growing on my window ledge. After examining them with the foldscope (in situ, without a slide), they appear as droplets. But of what? Any ideas?

To help give context, here are three different views of what we observed.

-Paul Stinson


PS We tried lifting some of the droplets with tape, to make a slide, but we couldn’t make out the shapes until looking at them directly on the leaf.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Are they moving? Could you brush them off. Were they gripped tight or easily removed? Are the specks under the leaf too? Are they on other leaves of the plant? It might be a fungus (like the powdery mildew causing fungus), but I dont see any hyphae in the view you provided. You could use the transparent tape to pull out a bit of it and put it on a slide, you might see the hyphae then… but white specs could also mean a tiny insect. How exciting.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    We are very excited about the new in-with imaging feature in the new foldscope. It’s awesome to see this example.

    The droplets are indeed puzzling. Most of the obvious answers like aphids or fungal infection don’t check out – thickening the mystery of this plot.

    Can you take a picture of your in-dory setup for others. Also; just take more images/videos in general.

    Beautiful work!!


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