New Foldscope tutorial – making wet mount slides and oblique illumination

Here is a 12min tutorial on basics of latest foldscope usage. Once you have assembled the foldscope correctly (see:, you can begin to make slides, explore and enjoy the microscopic world.

Lots of latest tricks and tips hidden in this latest video:

As you can see; so much can be done with the basic foldscope. Just as a reminder, this is data collected with the “basic” classroom unit. Often students/people ask what an be done with the basic units – and the answer is almost everything. See some pictures below.



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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic @Manu. Could you also put this up on the Foldscope Tutorials page? Also something on the light source provided with the kit. With a bindi, that is a great dark field source :).. Still experimenting on it.

    1. GujuRocks says:

      I have made darkfield by breaking silica gel packet lens
      And sticking black colour dit to its flat end.

  2. Rupjyoti says:

    Thank you Manu sir ,
    I got your suggested link and watched it. I’ll be trying it.
    Hoping for good results .

    Rupjyoti Das

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