Watching swimming bacteria in our spit

After a lovely Christmas dinner, my 6-year old nephew (H) and I settle down with a foldscope. And off course we decide to look at spit; in search of bacteria. This is video with the regular basic foldscope without light module. We use just the hanging light in the room as our light source.


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Watching spit from our mouth in a foldscope – with my 6 year old cousin. We get to see swimming bacteria with a Foldscope, just using a table lamp as illumination (for detailed tutorial for how to do DarkField microscopy with your Foldscope, watch this video tutorial for more details: And in the end he asks; is that a good bacteria or bad bacteria? Now, that’s a very perceptive question. We had never talked about this before. Microbes define and defend us (also invade us). Let’s be inspired by this question – let’s change the attitude of how we perceive the microscopic world. As Madam Curie once said “nothing is to be feared, only understood”. Do we even know ourselves? Keep exploring. Share your foldscope explorations with everyone. #foldscope #bacteria #watchyourspit #science #microscope #diyscience #darkfieldmicroscopy #cheekcells

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Here is the full 2min video I captured.

Always keep exploring.


Manu and H

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