Sciaridae (dark-winged fungus gnat) – hairy legs and a beautiful pattern of wing veins

This video shows a member of the Sciaridae family under the foldscope.


The insect was caught in the flower pot of a ficus benjamini plant using a yellow fly trap.


Its body length is approximately 1-2 mm – too big to image in a single view on the foldscope. Here are multiple images strung together to give a complete view:

Once caught, the specimen are quite difficult to handle as they are really delicate. It looks like in this example the neck was severed during mounting onto the slide, and a few leg parts were lost too. Still, this was the best specimen we got (after quite a few tries).


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely love the mosaic technique. It has a beautiful feeling of being bubbly. thanks for the tip on catching the insect as well.

    As an idea – I often use water coloring brushes to move delicate samples around. I also cool insects sometimes to get them to stop moving so I can make my slides. I use tape as a spacer not to crush the insect.

    Welcome to the foldscope community – so glad you are here.


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