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Greetings Foldscope community. I’m a HS Science Teacher in Greensboro, NC and received my educational kit in February 2015.  I’ve done some basic work with the foldscope, and am presenting them to the Science Faculty today.  We are going to work with our AP/IB students to design experiments, peripherals or anything they can think of that would be applicable to the Foldscope.

I’m super excited to be part of the foldscope community. I’ve attached some pictures I’ve taken.  Both pictures of slides below are from prepared slides found in various kits in our school. One is of a cat ovary, the other is of some plant cells.

20150212_180247_resized 20150212_194941_resized 20150214_125920_resized


Steven Edmonson

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful. Best of luck for your presentation. This website is filled with ideas for your students to explore; or just take inspiration. they can think of art projects, real ecology with doing microscopy in the field, ask scientific questions or solve puzzles of everyday life 🙂

    Please try making slides and share your experience.


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