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  1. ezekieljakub says:

    Is it possible this is just the final segment of the leg? Looking at the video I have it seems possible that is the answer … thoughts welcome 🙂

    This is great testing before we bring these to our school kids! I am an Ornithologist after all (giggle) not a weeBeastie-ologist.

  2. Hi Ezekiel! I think this is part of the leg (an adhesive pad used for gripping on the host) and not another parasite. Have a look at this video Manu Prakash did on a tick:

  3. ezekieljakub says:

    Thanks for replies! Yeah after a good not really looking at it articulate and comparing to other legs I think Javier you’re spot on. Very cool!!

    Bullet Ants and Assasin bugs next!!!


  4. Manu Prakash says:

    You both are on fire @Ezekieljakub and @Javier. Spot on.. what a fantastic post and some detective work. Now when you say Bullet ants; you mean “the” bullet ants – with the worst sting. Oh my, I am so jealous.. I want to see one under a foldscope. Can’t wait to see the next post on the saga of pain.

    Thanks again for being the wonderful beings you both are. Thank you for everything you do.


  5. ezekieljakub says:

    Hi Manu … yes I did mean “THE” Bullet ant P. clavata or the Lesser Giant Hunting Ant. We have a nest in the front yard and I posted pics today of two dead individuals I found on porch.

    I think tomorrow when I have a moment, very carefully, I am going to try and scope their stinger … because that’s the part that causes the pain via venom!!

    Updates soon. Any other suggestions on parts to scope? Head etc? I have two so one can be dissected. The other i am mounting for educational use*.

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