Very active organism from pond water!

It was tough keeping track of this one, but super exciting! This is pond water; lots of cool stuff lives in there. The smell was worth it! Any ideas on what this (or what it runs into at 0:04) is?

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    @Darmeta: What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing. That is indeed a ciliate of some kind. It might be worth while for you to compare your image with this ciliate guide I posted some time ago:

    Also; the long elongated cells with “green/yellow” pigments are definitely diatoms. Our resident foldscope community diatom expert Jenny will definitely be able to tell the species apart. I am surprised with the diatom bounces back when the ciliate approaches; that is a behavior I have never seen although I have imaged diatoms for ages now.

    wonderful work. I also noticed that your lens has something on it. Just take a dry cloth and wipe it; it should go away.


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