Marine Conservation & Education

Hi Everyone, I just received my Foldscopes in the Philippines. I will be working with educators and other non-profits to bring Foldscopes to kids here. My focus is on fishing communities so I am grateful for all of the ideas I find in the Microcosmos for marine-related subjects and low/no-cost projects. I look forward to sharing our experiences.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Kim-big blue;
    I am so happy the units made it all the way to Philippines. It was such a pleasure to see you in person.. and now we get to do something together via foldscope. I wish I could hop on a plane and spend time at your community.

    Alas; since that is not possible right now – please do use this community as a direct access to all the foldscope super users.

    I assume – you have already found foldscope assembly videos here:

    If you search for any word on the microcosmos website – or do a google search for phrase “microcosmos foldscope XYZ” you will get results for almost anything you are looking for.

    For example; here is a foldscope post on imaging parasites that live on fish:


  2. kim@bigblue says:

    Thanks, Manu! I’ll keep posting as we progress. Thanks for the tip on the fish parasites – very cool. Cheers – Kim

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