Foldscopes to donate


Hello all. I ordered the 20 piece kit thinking I could donate them to my daughter’s kindergarten class, but it’s a bit too mature for them. I’ll be traveling to South Africa (Johannesburg & Cape Town) and can donate 15 foldscopes. If anyone’s interested, please let me know .

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  1. ezekieljakub says:

    If you don’t find anyone we could SURE USE MORE here in PANAMA! We have a shipment coming from our office in Massachusetts in February and need about 200 more!

    We just added about 50 more schools to our rural STEM project here and don’t have enough FOLDSCOPES. Its a option if you don’t find anyone else.

    You can learn more about us here. We are a U.S. 501(c)3:

  2. Mckanstryprep says:

    Our students would love to receive these as a donation for our students! We are located in Baton rouge Louisiana, and lost most of our beta kits in the flood of 2016. This would be greatly appreciated.

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