Comparison of Human Hair

My roommate and I have pretty different types of hair: mine is long and straight while hers is short and curly. I was interested in seeing what they looked like up close and if we would be able to see any huge differences using the foldscope. I mounted my hair on one end of the slide and hers on the other end, placing a coverslip over both samples.

My hair looked as expected with very little texture.

My roommate’s hair on the otherhand looked pretty cool! If you zoom into the pictures, you can see little knobs/indents that give her hair its texture. If we had lighter hair colors (we both have black hair), I’m sure we would be able to see the strands a little better and spot more differences.

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  1. mcyert says:

    Very cool! It looks like the diameter of the two types of hair differs too.

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