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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Oscar – I am really intrigued by your observation. Can you say more; what is this culture? How did you make this? What are we looking at? If you share the process; others can also engage in your work and repeat the same.

    Very curious to know if you can teach others how to make “cell cultures” from our own hands? And would be wonderful to talk about why it forms these structures that we see..

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. oscar says:

      Hi Manu,
      I unfortunately don’t know what type of cells we’re looking at. We took samples of hand bacteria and tried to colonize them in order to examine the human microbiome. This is a look at one of the samples from my friend’s hand colonies.

  2. mcyert says:

    Nice Job! did this come from one of your colonies on an LB plate? Do you have a picture of the plate?

    1. oscar says:

      That was a sample from Tommy’s hand microbiome because as you know I ran into some problems with my own 😉
      And I don’t have a picture of the plate.

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