What does a fingernail look like under a microscope?

I looked at my fingernail before putting in the microscope, and i noticed that it was just made up of one single layer, it was actually made of of much more. It actually broke apart into two separate “fingernails”. Then I put it under the microscope and saw all the thin layers at the part where it broke off. I could also see so many little dimples on it that I could not feel. It was very interesting because I thought it would look more smooth, but it did not.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Another fun trick; described by a previous post is to make an imprint of the surface of your finger nail using – guess what – nail polish. The trick is you will have to figure out how to peel off nail polish without destroying the texture of the same. See what impressions of the surface you get on the nail polish thin film by mounting the film.

    Great question.. it’s cellular material; so some texture has to exist.


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