Hair Follicle

I tried to make a simple slide using the plastic reusable punched out slide and a sticky tape from the roll.

I plucked my own hair out (ouch!) and placed the hair bulb (root attached and in the middle of the slide), using a piece of the sticky tape to secure the hair.

The picture above shows very distinctive bulb, with the follicle wall (the almost transparent peripheral connective tissue sheath and also the smaller transparent glassy membrane) very easily seen. I’ve learnt lots more term now regarding the hair. The diagram below is taken from:

Hair shaft. Arrector. pili. Sebaceous. gland. Follicle wall. Hair root. • Peripheral connective. tissue (fibrous) sheath. Hair bulb. • Glassy membrane. • Epithelial root sheath. • External root sheath. • Internal root sheath. Hair root. • Cuticle. • Cortex. • Medulla. Hair matrix. Hair papilla. Melanocyte. Subcutaneous. adipose tissue. Diagram of a longitudinal view of the expanded hair. bulb of the follicle, which encloses the matrix. © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc.

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