Is used makeup really that gross? – Bio60_2018

I’ve always read things online about how you’re supposed to wash your makeup brushes regularly, but like the majority of the makeup-wearing population, I do not listen to these warnings. Unlike most makeup-users, I only own one makeup brush that I use for pretty much everything, maybe twice a week. This thing has been all over my face. Gross, I know. I was curious about just how disgusting my makeup brush is, so I decided to take a look. I deposited excess powder from the brush and added a drop of water to prepare a slide. Just for fun, I decided to see whether my lipsticks are also contaminated by depositing thin layers of three lip products onto another slide: a tinted chapstick I use daily, a lipstick I use weekly, and another lipstick I hardly use.

The brush slide contained particles that looked similar to powder particles from powder slide, and particles similar to the skin particles mentioned in my last Foldscope post, as well as other particles. The lip products were all granular and consisted of very small particles. Although there was a slight difference in color, I couldn’t tell the difference in composition or contamination between the colored chapstick I use every day, lipstick I use weekly and the one I rarely use. Again, it would be very useful to have another lens to attach on top of the primary lens to further zoom in on samples with a smaller average particle size. Overall, I would conclude that my lip products are not very contaminated, possibly due to their formulas (someone knew they’d be touching lips), whereas the brushes seemed to be contaminated.

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