Bugs in my lettuce – Daniel

By Daniel


One day my mom was cleaning lettuce before dinner and I found 2 small bugs about 1mm in length. These bugs moved quickly so I took a toothpick and had it crawl on it. I then placed it on the slide and quickly put a piece of tape over it. When I first looked at under the foldscope, one of its front legs was actually still moving. It’s amazing how there can be so many small creatures in our food. In fact, we’ve probaby all eaten quite a few of these before without even knowing it.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    This is a beautiful finding. It would be nice to actually identify this thing – since you found this in a food supply.

    1) Could you get the same lettuce and look for how often you see them (a) rare (b) somewhat rare (c) often.
    2) Take a lot more number of images; so you have enough data to identify the same.
    3) Can you describe which country/state you took this data in – that would help to know if this is regional?

    Just looking very quickly; they seem quiet small to me – which is very very exciting.

    Great finding..

  2. teenytinythings says:

    A little extra protein in your salad! 🙂

  3. Dan4pats says:

    Thanks for the input!
    I’ll try to do some more research on what this bug is and then I’ll say that in the post. I do know that the lettuce it was found in is organic and it comes from southern california. Also I would say that these bugs are (b) somewhat rare. Sometimes I find them sometimes I don’t.

    Thanks Again,

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