Nauseous? (NSFW warning)

There were some weird, tiny insects on walls of my bedroom. Wherever those would be present they’d leave some faintly dark patches on the wall. (I realise now that I should have foldscoped those too)

There was a lizard that would often show up to eat those insects. Would eat atleast 5-10 daily. I caught the lizard and kept it in a container. Would make it eat those insects, and it did end up overeating.

Within a few moments it ended up vomitting undigested stuff, and well the vomit is what I foldscoped.

               As you can see, there are undigested wings and legs present of those insects.

What happened to the lizard later? It refused to eat anything for a while. Even this…

It had the urge to eat, but just stared at the spider and did nothing.
I agree that this is a very weird post.

Ronak Hati,

UG student, 

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Brilliant brilliant. Remember this is an adaptation of the insect to avoid predators. There is a very famous case of the bearded lizard eating fireflies and vomiting or even dying of a heart attack. Read “For the Love of Insects” Imagine trying to get the active component that makes the geckonid vomit the insect.

  2. Ronak Hati says:

    This lizard was orally gaping too. I wonder if there is something in those black patches the insect was leaving on the wall that is also the thing that was making the lizard vomit…

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