Observing MITOSIS in onion root tip using a FOLDSCOPE

PhotosHey guys,

This is my first post in Microcosmos and I am really excited about it.

So, many of the school and college students perform this experiment to observe mitosis. So i tried to view the slide prepared by myself on the foldscope and behold! it was beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures:

Here you can see the different stages of mitotic division. If you zoom in the cells will be clearly defined. I could spot only late Prophase, Anaphase, late Anaphase and Telophase. And this is the my best shot:

Here you can see all the three phases mentioned above.

Metaphase is quite difficult to spot as the protocols should be followed with least possible error. I am no expert so i didn’t get one.

So, this would be the end of my post. Until next time



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