Women teaching girls Science!


Conservación Panamá Inc is a U.S./Panamanian non-profit conservation organization. We are currently running Environmental education programming for primary/secondary school aged children in rural/remote communities at risk in Panama.

We have received MORE REQUESTS for programs than we can handle and are looking for 1-2 Master’s/PhD students studying Environmental Education or related field to take up the slack.

We are PRIMARILY INTERESTED in teaching: the scientific method, knowledge of nature & conservation. We are using as our primary tool FOLDSCOPES.


-Matriculated Masters or PhD student

– Foreign travel experience, preferably Latin America

– Advanced conversational Spanish or native speaker REQUIRED***

– Remote area travel, horse-back, and camping experience REQUIRED*

Send letters of interest with CV to our Executive Director:


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  1. Manu Prakash says:


    Will share the open position widely.


  2. ezekieljakub says:

    Great! I will be traveling in the U.S. eastern seaboard from New England to DC if any students are interested. I will be able to meet and do interviews.

    We are also looking for a small donor fleet to triple our foldscopes materials here in Panama. The beta-programs we have some to date are extremely popilar.

    Our goal is to train teachers, execute workshops with students and donate all materials to schools for continued use.

    Folks can learn more about us at:

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