Preparing slides for demonstrations

For fundraising and showing off Foldscopes I find it a great idea to have pre-prepared slides ready to go on the run!

Here are a few examples I have put together. If you are looking to fundraise, there is no better way, than to put a foldscope in the HANDS of donors with ready to go slides.

Jasmin flower petal
Bougainvillea leaf
Fern leaf with sporangia

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  1. Ronak Hati says:

    Wonderful! Are those stomata that I am looking at on fern leaflet?

  2. ezekieljakub says:

    I believe they are sporangia … The fruiting bodies … But you are also seeing the end tip. Very cool.

  3. Mitali says:

    @Ezekieljakub very nice pictures 🙂
    How about you also show people something animate like protozoans I’m sure they will be thrilled to see them. Try getting some pond or sea water samples and culturing a few protozoans in it. Use PVC slides provided in the kit the protozoans stay safe in there for about 4- 5 days. 😀 all the best for your work

  4. ezekieljakub says:


    I thought of that too. As I will be traveling a lot I thought it a good idea to bring a small collection jar I can collect/culture “wee-beasties”/protists.

    I think you are exactly right. The ability to see and watch protists is a great addition to prepared slides.

    Prepared slides to date: flower petals, fern, fern sporangia, lepidoptera wing scales, blattoda wing, piece of $1 u.s.

    Any other ideas? Quick/easy?

    Thanks, Zeke

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