Unidentified creatures in a water sample!

So back when I was observing water sample taken from base saucers of plant pot, all I observed were some white worms. Withdrawing a water sample from a different region of the saucers, I found something different.

I would have discarded those white particles for some debris. However what caught my interest was when I saw those actually swimming in their own accord.

Using a Pastuer pipette, I took about one drop from the sample taking care to get hold on maximum of those ‘particles’. Put a drop on cavity slide and observed at low magnification.

At first, these creatures were moving incredibly fast. Quite difficult to make out what these were, would rarely stop while still being in the field.

After sometime, these slowed down I was able to take a video of those.

Would someone help in identifying these?

Ronak Hati,

Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai.

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