Hi this is Dr Balu From JJM Medical College , Davangere,Karnataka ,India. Sharing pictures of foldscoe demo for medical students

This  is photo of cyclope which used to cause guinea worm disease which is eradicated from India. Our students were amazed by the picture quality taken by foldscope. They will be using for community education on key diseases in coming months in rural areas .

Foldscope Demo For Medical Students at JJM Medical College India

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Looking forward to reading more about nematode diseases in India and how we can eradicate them. Glad to hear that Dracanculiasis is not an issue anymore.

  2. Ronak Hati says:

    This is amazing!

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Fantastic post @DrBalups. Crucial to share the excitement and energy with the students; who are the future of medical care for any country. Looking forward to following up with your remote communities training programs. Good health begins with better healthy habits.. thanks for sharing and inspiring others to follow your lead.

    Thrilled to meet you online here.


    1. drbalups says:

      Dear Manu , at the outset let me thank you and your team for developing foldscope. Technology and public health is one my core area of work and When is saw the video on foldscope first thing which came to my mind was WoW foldscope could be one of the best things we can use for patient education and bring behaviour change . Although Governments all over world spend huge amount money on Patient education Posters , Banners and TV ADs it may convey message but may not be able to connect with community.
      My project focuses on this concept of bringing behavior change using foldscope. In India in rural areas we have ASHA Workers for every thousand population , i felt if we can train ASHA to use foldscope and give them slides on Malaria causing mosquitoes and also blood smear slides containing malarial parasite , when they make home visits they can use it for community education . With foldscope community will be able to look at how a mosquitoe looks like and parasite . ASHA will educate community about mosquitoe breeding places and how to avoid or prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Its a challenging project but i have been working at community level since past 15 years and have a strong belief we will be able to document significant changes at community level.
      After coming back from delhi and going thro many slides which are their in our college another thought has come in to my mind , why dont we use foldscope for Tuberculosis patient education as Tuberculosis is becoming a bigger problem with emergence of drug resistance Tuberculosis. Imagine when patients walks in to health centre you show him tuberculosis bacilli and explain its this bacilli which is causing disease and explain if you take drugs properly you can kill these bacilli and when patients comes for follow-up do sputum examination and show him his slides where bacillary load will come down if he has taken treatment daily as per protocol and congratulate the patient for winning the war over TB.
      As i am Chairman for State Task Force for Tuberculosis Program in state of karnataka , i did this idea in whatsapp group of state and district TB officers , i have got a positive feedback and many are keen ( sharing a screenshot). The other advantage is all staff working in Government supported TB program have been given Tab which has a high resolution camera , we can connect the foldscope to Tab and use it for patient education.
      But the problem i am facing is since past 2 days i have taken many slides from our Dept of Microbiology which have 3+ bacilliary load but i am unable to focus in foldscope , can someone help me on this as by next week i am meeting state officials over a meeting.

      Manu this coming September i am hosting conference on Theme – Technology and Public Health scheduled on 29th and 30th September, all of us will be thrilled to have you for conference , please do let me know if its possible.

      Keep you posted on further development

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