Fun time with fibres and other things

From the clothes we wear to the paper on which we write, these things are made of fibres. Fibres of polysaccharides. Just how amazing these look under a foldscope…


Paper may look smooth and uniform as viewed from the naked eye, but microscopically a different story is seen.



Cotton fibres seen through a foldscope. It grows as a protective case around seeds of the cotton plant.




One big problem almost everyone must have faced while stitching clothes, is putting a thread into the hole of needle. Why doesn’t it happen? Ask a foldscope and it will give you the answer….

And the next one, make a guess what it is (hint : definitely not a plant part)

Last but not the least, is the diffuser sheet that was provided in the foldscope kit. Laks sir pointed out that one can make use of this to find out spherical aberration of the lens. Spherical aberration is clearly visible in this image…


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Love this post @Ronak. So much around us whose structure we know little about. If I am not wrong one of the early crime investigators had a phenomenal memory of how things looked under a microscope.

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