#Indiafoldscopephase1- Dr Balu P S

Hi sharing blood smear picture of confirmed Malaria case taken from foldscope, what you are seeing here is RBCs , in order  for identifying parasite  we need foldscope with 100 x resolution ,  currently the foldscope what i have got during delhi workshop doesnt have the resolution required.  My focus was on using foldscope for community malaria screening and  education thro fontline workers. Appreciate any suggestion on this


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  1. S.T.V.Raghavamma says:

    Sir, even i am trying to look for the same. I am unable to observe blood cells clearly as we generally use 1000 magnification and I think it has to be attached with high zoom cell phone camera. but I don’t have it.

    1. mbhubaneshwari@yahoo.com says:

      Sir we are working on the mosquitoes and control measures. could we twin together?

      1. drbalups says:

        sure can u please send details to my email id drbalups@gmail.com

  2. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Hello sir,

    I am trying to look for the same. I am a Veterinary Parasitologist. Looking for parasites in blood smear. What type of phone camera I have to get to increase the magnification. I need 1000x magnification.

    If any solution, please share it.


  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Dr. Balu,

    Current foldscope can be modified to give more magnification/resolution by swapping the lenses. The details of the same are described in the original Plos one foldscope paper.

    We will be releasing a new tool; specifically focused on malaria screening very soon (in a month or so). Please keep an eye on PrakashLab webpage for detailed announcements for the same.

    Also; for imaging blood – here is a nice post from Laks with lots of details and tricks.


    1. drbalups says:

      Dear Manu
      Thank you for the link , i will wait for malaria specific foldscope as my entire work is based on community education on malaria in rural areas using foldscope .

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